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The 15-Second Commute: A Work-from-Home Guide for Telecommuters, Managers and Employers  

A Quick Study Guide

By Terry Pile   ISBN9780999693612

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Do you know according to the U.S. Census Bureau, the average commuter spends approximately 216 hours or nine full-days per year in the car? Of course, you do. You’re one of them. You may also be one of the millions of commuters behind the wheel saying to yourself, “If only I could work from home.”

If you are thinking about working from home, consider this book your roadmap. It will help you determine if you have the telecommuting temperament. It offers the pros and cons to telecommuting, advice for getting the support of supervisors, coworkers and family, and suggestions for setting-up a home office. It will help you maintain your status as a valuable team member, without reporting to the office every day.

If your role is changing from manager to e-manager, this resource offers advice on how to successfully manage employees remotely. It will help you determine which employees are best suited for teleworking, build successful e-teams, provide feedback and motivate your team to meet productivity goals.

If your company is considering establishing or formalizing a work-at-home program this Quick Study Guide will ensure a positive experience for all involved. It offers criteria for setting-up a telecommuting program, policy advice and telecommuting tools such as a sample eligibility form and home office checklist.