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Storybook Careers: Learning about jobs through fiction, non-fiction and memoir

By Terry Pile and Alison Beale  ISBN 9780999693636

Paperback: $8.50  eBook: $6.50

Are you still wondering what you want to be when you grow up? Are you considering a new career? Do you love to read about all types of people, places, and things? Then this book is for you. 

Storybook Careers is a collection of book reviews meant to help you learn about careers as well as provide you with reading recommendations. It includes fiction, creative non-fiction and memoir, and represents over 100 different occupations. Each book was selected because a major character has a distinct career woven into the plotline. It is organized according to John Holland’s theory of career interests based on six personality types: Doer, Thinker, Creator, Helper, Persuader, and Organizer.

 In many cases, the character’s occupation is secondary to the story line, however, these books were selected based not only on how well they portray a career but also for their entertainment value. We hope they will pique your curiosity about careers based on your interests and personality type, or simply provide you with suggestions for your reading pleasure.

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