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Playing the Job-finding Game:

A rule book for ex-offenders
By Terry Pile  

ISBN 9781937358068

Paperback: $16.00  E-book: $9.99  121 pages (1st edition 2012)

ISBN 9780989803861

Paperback: $18.00  122 pages (2nd edition 2017)

If you have ever looked for a job, you know employers don't always pick the most qualified or experienced job candidates. Having a criminal record is an additional barrier that can make finding a job an insurmountable challenge...unless you know the rules of the game.

Playing the Job-finding Game: A Rule Book for Ex-offenders offers a strategic approach to obtaining employment regardless of past transgressions. It is based on advice from a veteran career counselor and the collective wisdom of hundreds of ex-offenders [Playing the Game Cover] she has successfully coached over the years. It will help your clients:

  • Think like an employer
  • Identify marketable skills
  • Develop a game plan for job-finding
  • Craft effective resumes and cover letters
  • Select appropriate job-finding strategies
  • Respond to difficult interview questions
  • Score a new job

Filled with how-to advice, examples, exercises and success stories, this book will help anyone who has been in trouble with the law get into shape for the job-finding game and come out a winner.

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"This book is a "must" for job seekers with a criminal background and for those who are assisting them with their job search." -- JV, Career Coach

"It is the best book I have ever had regarding inmate reentry." -- VR, Corrections Officer

"Excellent book. Full of detailed examples to help you effectively job search, write your resume and prepare for interviews. If you have a background this is your "go-to" book. Easy to read and understand. Highly recommend." -- CG

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