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Finding A Job After Losing Your Way:

Stories of successfully employed ex-offenders
By Terry Pile  ISBN 9780989803847
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Everyone makes mistakes. If the mistake lands you in prison, it can negatively affect your ability to find employment for years to come. This book is about ex-offenders who have overcome the stigma of their criminal backgrounds to find sustainable employment.

Finding A Job After Losing Your Way is a collection of victory stories of 11 individuals. Each profile is followed by endnotes offering their advice and effective strategies for finding employment when you can’t pass a background check. In this book you will meet:

Grif, a bank robber whose biggest fear was being unable to find employment after 10 years in prison and left with the only option to return to illegal activities.

Gillian, a former paralegal who went to prison for a highly publicized, white collar crime. Upon release, she was sure she could get a job in criminal law, having experienced both sides of the legal system. She was thwarted at every attempt.

David, a black man who grew up in poverty and had a criminal record by 8th grade. He is now a mental health counselor and community activist, rubbing shoulders with some of the most influential people in Seattle.

Finding employment after being convicted of a crime is one of the most difficult steps ex-offenders take to reclaim their dignity and establish themselves as productive members of their communities. This book will serve as a guide and inspiration.

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