Changing Careers After 40: Real Stories, New Callings
By Terry Pile & David Lingle     ISBN 9781609440763
Paperback: $16.50   E-book: 8.99  104 pages

What motivates a popular talk show host to quit his career and become an auctioneer?

Why does an ambitious advertising exec abandon her successful business to become a healing coach?

How does an IBM employee leave her comfortable 27 year career to start a pet sitting service?

If you are considering a career change you will want to read these stories of 12 individuals who left their successful careers to start over. They will boost your confidence in making a change and excite your thinking as to the possibilities. The end notes provide practical guidelines for navigating transition and suggested resources that will help you to focus your research. Most importantly, this book will reassure you that no matter what your age, there is very little difference between obstacles and opportunities once you are open to change.

The 2nd edition includes a chapter called “Short Cuts.” It briefly profiles eight career changers who are equally inspiring as the twelve originally featured.

Used as a text book at Webster University.

"Thoroughly enjoyed the personal stories of growth and learning...

Very energizing and inspiring." -- Teresa S

"I appreciated that there was no padding to make this book look bigger

or the authors smarter -- just pure useful information." -- WWG

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