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A Random Walk Through the Age of Technology: Essays for today's executives on technologies, innovations, and modern management.

By Audrey C. Green   ISBN 9781732434202

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There is so much information today and too many demands on business leaders' time and attention. How can we keep our minds clear to see what is coming and going? What are some of the detectable trends or new challenges in today's business structure, governance and environment? Where are we heading as an individual, a business or a society in a technology-driven age?

This book is a collection of short essays based on the author's years of consulting experience. It is a random walk through this age of technology.  It offers readers candid observations on a wide range of subjects related to global business, innovations, strategies, leadership and management, and technological trends in a modern and noisy world.

Audrey C. Green is an independent consultant with more than a decade of experience on how technologies impact and enhance leadership and management, and the mind growth of individuals. She is the founder of TriStrategy, Inc., a global management and consulting company providing consulting services to corporations, management consulting firms and start-up businesses striving to succeed in the world of technology over-load. This book is a collection of her essays on a wide range of subjects pertinent to the current age of increasingly chaotic, fast-changing society and technology landscapes.  She hopes that the readers, including today's executives, will find her insights helpful in making day-to-day choices and long-range decisions.

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